Solution Description: The automotive end-market keeps the global population moving, but continues to thrive with new motor vehicle types, safety systems and hybrid vehicles. The automotive segment is also a key economic driver in many regions of the world. This segment also includes the automobile aftermarket, where consumers engage service and repair facilities for ongoing maintenance of their vehicles. Schrader Pacific has been the market leader to both automotive original equipment, and the aftermarket, since August Schrader invented the first pneumatic tire valve in 1891.

Key Applications: Personal vehicles, vans, trucks, SUVs, hybrids, racing cars, aftermarket service & repair centers, OEM assembly lines.

Schrader Pacific Product Content: Hydraulic pressure relief valves (PRV), air conditioning (A/C) valves & quick connectors, A/C filling valves, engine PRV and purge valves, compressor pressure regulating valves (scroll valves), shock absorber valves, hybrid & electrical vehicle cooling system support, CNG regulators, fuel core housings, check valves and regulators, shock & strut dampen valves and diesel fuel primer valves.